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The Home Of Embodied Spirituality

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Welcome to your multidimensional remembrance

Temple of Akasha is an online temple space dedicated to the remembrance, reclamation and integration of the sacred and the spiritual, and is offered to all beings who feel the call to walk this path of devotion, service and conscious evolution. 


Here we weave the magic back into the mundane; marry spirit and matter; fuse our innate divinity with our messy and miraculous humanity. It's time to unlearn who we have been conditioned to be so that we can embody all that we truly are. This journey of awakening is one of simultaneous ascension and descension to ultimately unite the feminine and masculine principles as one unified God-Goddess force. We do this through marrying awareness with embodiment to become the conscious pioneers of Source creation, actualised and in motion. 


Here you will find personal services, events, resources, community spaces and activations to support your awakening and remembrance process. It's an honour to rewild and rise with you. 

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Welcome to the tribe!


My name is Natasha Akasha 
I'm a Spiritual Embodiment Guide, Priestess, Sacred Space Facilitator, Yoga Teacher & proud disruptor of the established order. I'm on a mission to help awaken the heart of humanity by rewilding, reclaiming and rising in my authentic expression - and supporting other courageous souls to do the same. 
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Join Natasha for a 6-week guided mentoring & embodiment journey for women - to support your authentic feminine awakening & unfurling. Our journey begins Thursday 15th August.

Reawaken With The Rose

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"I have been following Natasha for a long time and feel that she has true insight into the ascension process and the twin flame journey. I decided to do several sessions with her because I was in a really dark place and needed guidance. During our last session, we discovered that I still had a wounded Divine feminine energy and worked on my womb. The sessions were absolutely amazing and completely shifted my energy. I definitely recommend working with this gifted healer.

- Galit, 1:1 Soul Support Client

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Support my work

If you feel called to support my work, you can do so by making an overflow offering below.  All offerings are gratefully received and allow me to continue to serve this community in a soul-led way. Thank you.

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