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MEET Natasha


Natasha is a passionate Spiritual Embodiment Guide, Sacred Space Holder, Channel & Energetic Alchemist. Her mission is to support awakening souls to find harmony, fulfilment & purpose by integrating their humanity and spirituality as one, in service to The One.​ Her work is largely centred around the process of union alchemy (the uniting of the feminine and masculine principles) within ourselves and in devotional partnership. Natasha puts integrity, authenticity and empowerment central to her work and life.


Her highly attuned and dynamic style of guiding others is a fusion of a tri-fold path:  


△ Her direct experience as a result of her personal and professional background. Alongside her previous experience as a Project Manager for mental health charities, much of her work is informed by her own alchemical/healing process over the last decade. Natasha has lived and travelled extensively across Asia, South/Central America and Oceana. exploring many modalities and being supported by many talented healers along her path. However, in spite of her soulful longing for a master, life has been her most direct and consistent teacher. She is an enthusiastic explorer of consciousness and walks a path of self-mastery, having traversed many challenging initiations including significant childhood trauma, a destabilising Kundalini awakening and a catalysing Twin Flame journey. 

△ Her innate wisdom, informed by her psychic abilities and sensitivity as a Human Design Projector (2/4 mental). Natasha grew up exceptionally clairesentient, clairevoyant and empathic, being able to feel and sense the rich vibrational landscape and subtle realm of energy that underpins manifested reality from a young age. She is able to truly "see" people and feel the deeper layers of truth that exist beyond conditioning, allowing her to nourish, guide and empower clients in a bespoke and sensitive way. She works in an intuitive manner, being directly informed by the energetic information and needs of the present moment. She draws on her extensive toolkit of modalities and practices to support an organic and dynamic healing process, including guided meditations, self-enquiry and channeled soul journeys to intuitive movement, sound, pranayama (breath) and Light Language. 


△ Her training & education as an English Language graduate (1st class), IAG provider (Level 2), Reiki Practitioner (Level 2), Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (200hr) and Sound Ceremonialist (In-Training)


Natasha's goal is to support New Earth leaders, healers, creatives & pioneers to remember and reclaim their true nature, passion and purpose. The old ways are quickly crumbling, and so too must our reliance on saviours, gurus and co-dependent power dynamics. It is each individual's responsibility and divine destiny to step into their unique role as a Conscious Creator, because we are all expressions of the one true Source. Each being, when empowered and embodied in their unique beauty and genius, helps to inform the unified field of truth, restoring balance, harmony, love and coherence to the world. We are all walking each other home during this transformational epoch, and Natasha is honoured to support and connect with those who feel drawn to her work and frequency. 

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