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MEET Natasha


Welcome to 
temple of Akasha

It is an honour to connect with you. My deepest intention and mission is to support the conscious awakening of humanity by empowering other courageous souls to rewild, remember and rise in their authentic power and presence. I am deeply passionate about supporting others to make the journey of living from the head to the heart, from ego to soul and from fear to love.

As a highly sensitive empath, Lightworker and Starseed, I realise now that my entire life has been schooling me in - and preparing me for - energetic mastery. My first language is, and always has been, energy. Energy is indeed the raw information that informs the presentation of the physical plane. But because the majority of the world is still living from a very mundane connection to reality, I often denied what I felt, knew and experienced at an intangible level. This understanding of energy goes FAR beyond a Reiki training or a Joe Dispenza meditation, and transcends our conventional understanding of energy as a "mode of healing" or a spiritual buzz word.


This is understanding that everything is energy at an embodied, felt, lived level. And that in every moment, we are receiving vital energetic information and feedback from everything around us (in the form of vibrational frequencies) to inform and guide our path forwards. Most people are not conscious of this, because to understand, translate and embody this energetic information requires a strong connection to the body and to our feminine, intuitive principle. As a Human Design Projector with a lot of open energy centres, alchemising my energetic sensitivity from being my most feared "obstacle" to my greatest gift and soul opportunity has not been easy. 

However, embodiment is the feminine way. It is the path of "eros", or innate knowing, rather than depending on conceptual knowing or "logos". As I teach from a space of embodiment, I must pass through the alchemical process and rite of passage myself before I can teach and guide in any area. This allows me to know the energetic pathways and frequencies consciously, from the inside out, rather than purely from the space of cognitive awareness alone.


I have had many initiations on my path, including early childhood trauma, chronic mental health issues, the paradigm-dissolving Twin Flame journey and a very explosive Kundalini awakening in 2019 (to name but a few). All initiations or earthly challenges are an invitation to dive deep within our being and refine our consciousness so that we can distinguish distortion from truth and ultimately rise high from a place of integrity, alignment and authenticity. But after many years of conscious healing and integration work (primarily through deconditioning fear and deconstructing victim consciousness), my soul has willed me to guide and empower others, using my understanding of energy as my compass. I see, sense, feel, read, guide and transform energy powerfully and in a very individualised way, based on my unique earth school training and soul gifts.

At this time, mother earth (and humanity with her) is moving through a profound evolutionary shift. Individually and collectively we are being summoned by Spirit to return to our organic state and divine template, which is anchored in the gnosis of the interconnectedness of all things. As the Age of Aquarius dawns, it is time to drain the swamp of unconsciousness, distortion, separation and fear, which has contaminated both the collective psyche and our precious home planet. In doing so, we will free up vital space in our consciousness and activate our full multidimensional potential. I believe we have an opportunity to terraform the earth into a heaven realm, built with conscious community, unity, harmony and love for ourselves, each other and the earth at the core.

Temple of Akasha was birthed to support this monumental process, of which many Lightworkers and Starseeds have volunteered to be incarnate for. If you find yourself here, know that it is not by accident; your light and unapologetic presence is needed now more than ever. Trust that you have landed here. Trust that a luminous life is yours to claim. If you are ready to rewild, remember and rise - you are in the right place. I look forward to journeying with you.

Tash x

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