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Jan 1, 2024 - Jan 1, 2025

Embodied Abundance

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Embodied Abundance is a 21-day activation journey designed to support your soulful expansion into prosperity consciousness. When you think of the word 'abundance', what comes to mind? Most people think of having a lot of money, but financial wealth is simply one manifested form of the abundance frequency. Abundance can express itself in limitless ways in our lives (and often does without us even noticing!). Yet many of us live from a self-defeating set point of lack and scarcity. With a guarded heart, we have already decided that we are the exception to the universal law of abundance, and to receiving God's infinite love in its various shapes and forms. This 21-day activation programme is designed to open and activate the abundant portal of your heart whilst also reprogramming your subconscious self-concepts and belief systems, so that you can shift from a paradigm of scarcity to one of prosperity. Are you ready to change what life is reflecting back to you? Are you ready to be provided for in ways you couldn’t imagine? Are you ready for rich, loving and supportive relationships? Are you ready to experience bountiful synchronicities, experiences & encounters that serve & satiate your soul’s expansion? Let’s go! HOW IT WORKS This will be a completely self-paced programme, but for the pilot, I'm making it extra special! We go live on January 1st - January 21st. Each day you will journey with the 3 core transmissions provided (Meditation, Affirmations & Light Language) and each week there will be 1 new embodiment practice to support your process. I will host 1 x live call each week to answer any questions & support your integration process. WHAT'S INCLUDED: 1 x Guided Meditation 1 x Light Language Activation 1 x Affirmations Activation BONUS: 3 x Embodiment Practices 3 x LIVE calls with me! + Telegram support group! PLEASE NOTE: This programme increases to full price of £111 on 22/12/23. Pre-order now for only £55!

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