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A 6-week guided EMBODIMENT journey with the rose frequency to support your authentic feminine unfurling

Is She Calling You?

The rose comes to us as a mysterious intiatory presence, loving teacher & ancient wisdom keeper. Her invitation for us is both deeply personal and nuanced - and simultaneously universal. she comes to awaken us to our true nature, potential & place in the unified field of life.

If you've been seeing her, feeling her, hearing her, smelling her and sensing her physically or psychically... it is a sign that she is summoning YOU.



REAWAKENING WITH THE ROSE is a 6-week embodiment journey for women, spiralling into the feminine mysteries & wisdom encoded within the energy and archetype of the rose. Utilising a blend of mentoring, guided meditation journeys, sensual yoga, dance, massage, vocal activations & sister shares, we will anchor her medicine through the portals of our bodies, hearts & wombs. This journey is for the Priestesses, the Oracles, the Medicine Women & conduits of the Goddess who wish to become more deeply embodied in their authentic feminine expression, power, dharma and loving awareness. 


6 x LIVE 90 minute weekly group calls & 6 at-home suggested integration tasks



​Week 1: Chamber Of Reawakening​

- opening rose tea ceremony; exploring the ancient + Cosmic origins of the rose, why she calls to us, how to work with her & Intention setting for the container

Week 2: Chamber of Surrender​

- resurrecting the feminine architecture; exploring the severing from goddess wisdom, feminine mysteries & gaia; honouring the cyclical nature of the feminine through body reconnection & womb/menstrual cycle healing

Week 3: Chamber of Eros

- igniting embodied power & pleasure; exploring our deeply sensual & magnetic feminine nature as a portal to self-love, erotic awakening & sexual healing; guided embodiment journey through rose massage, vocal activations, sensual yoga & dance

Week 4: Chamber of Fertility​

- feminine codes of abundance; accessing the regal empress archetype of deep nourishment, luxury, overflow & sovereignty to unlock conscious creation & manifestation; guided rose oil massage

Week 5: Chamber of Devotion​

- awakening the heart; guided journey to access the field of loving awareness; preparing for & nurturing sacred union through devotion to love & truth; keys for heart-centred communication in relationship

Week 6: Chamber of Integration​​​​​


- closing ceremony; exploring the importance of shadow-work & learning to embrace duality with the singularity of love; implementing the rose's medicine for our day-to-day life & dharma (purpose)


Signs your feminine energy may need healing & tending to: 

  • Painful, irregular or depleting menstrual cycles 

  • Feeling consistently anxious, overwhelmed, ungrounded or burned out

  • Disconnected from your body and felt-sense experience (sensations, feelings, guidance)

  • Unable to express your needs, boundaries, desires or truth clearly

  • Difficulty allowing yourself to rest and relax

  • Resistant to receiving or asking for help, support and nourishment

  • Feeling stifled or constricted physically, emotionally, creatively or sexually

  • regularly finding yourself in states of people pleasing, rescuing, helplessness or martyrdom ​

  • difficulty connecting with or being around masculine/male energy in an empowered way

  • scared to claim or pursue your dreams, dharma, gifts & purpose

  • regularly comparing yourself to or competing with other women

Key Programme Information:

  • ​​The programme runs every week from Thursday 15th August 2024 - Thursday 19th September 2024 (full dates: 15/08, 22/08, 29/08, 05/09, 12/09, 19/09)

  • Each session is held from 7pm - 8.30pm BST/LDN (each session is likely to be between 1.5 - 2 hours) via Zoom - replays will be sent out within 24 hours of every live session for those that can't attend live

  • The journey includes 6 x live 90 minute group calls with Natasha; weekly at-home integration practices; accompanying guidance PDF & private Telegram group

  • For this programme you will need*: fresh roses; rose tea (preferably organic); rose essential oil (preferably organic); sweet almond or other carrier oil (preferably organic) -- *not included in programme cost

  • Due to the sensitive nature of some of the content, this is a women's-only journey 

    **Please note: refunds are not available for this programme. Please contact me on the details listed below to ensure this is the right experience for you before booking.



Full Price: £333
- doors for enrolment close midnight august 14th 2024

 **payment plan available 3 X MONTHLY INSTALMENTS - select at checkout

Meet Your Guide

Natasha Akasha is a Priestess, Spiritual Embodiment Guide & Energetic Alchemist whose life and work is devoted to marrying the human and the divine. After nearly a decade of profound spiritual awakening and initiatory experiences, including a 6-year Twin Flame journey and powerful Kundalini awakening, she uses her embodied wisdom alongside her training as a Yoga Teacher and energy healer to guide others to illumination, liberation and love. Natasha only teaches what she is embodied in herself, and is delighted to guide others on the sacred path of union within and without.

if you have any questions or want to ensure this is the right experience for you, please email me: or message me on Instagram: @temple_of_akasha. refunds are not available for this programme.

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