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Chamber of Embodied Alchemy Mentorship

A potent container of spiritual empowerment, embodiment coaching, deep healing & inner alchemy

  • 1 hour
  • NZ

What To Expect

THE CHAMBER OF EMBODIED ALCHEMY (WAITLIST - NEW DATES TBC) Choose between 4, 8 or 12 weeks of bespoke mentoring support. Each week we will connect at an agreed day and time for our call, which can last between 60-90 minutes. You have the option to receive additional email, text or voice message support in between our regular sessions as part of the mentorship. WHY CHOOSE THIS MENTORSHIP? If you are looking for a deeply transformative and empowering container to assist you through your awakening and remembrance process, this mentorship is for you. During our time together, I will assist you to dissolve self-limiting beliefs, paradigms and disempowered templates that keep you stuck in victimhood, overwhelm, burnout & scarcity. My work fuses many modalities - some learned cognitively, some remembered and channeled intuitively. My training as a Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer provides a framework for us to explore the dynamic nature of consciousness through mindfulness, bodywork and expanding our awareness. My initiations on the path of Twin Flame and Kundalini rising have provided me with a deep embodied gnosis of energetic alchemy, refinement and the marriage of our humanity + divinity in service to Love. In our sessions, we may journey through intuitive movement, yoga asana (postures), dance, voice activations, breathwork, or the exploration may be more inward in the form of guided meditations, soul journeys, inner child healing and shadow work coaching. I may also feel called to share Light Language, energy healing or channeled guidance. Each session is unique and intuitively guided by what is most alive and needed in the moment. As a Spiritual Embodiment Guide, Priestess & Yogini dedicated to energetic integrity, self-mastery and alignment, this container is only recommended for those who desire to truly purify themselves of egoic limitations and expand into soul sovereignty. This is not always an easy or comfortable process and will require radical honesty, self-responsibility and moving beyond comfortable parameters. This mentorship is ideal for: • Empaths & highly sensitive people • Lightworkers • Starseeds • Priestesses • Space holders • Sacred union/Twin Flame initiates • Kundalini awakening initiates • Anyone who is committed to the process of conscious awakening & heart-centred living If you are intrigued to learn more about working with me long-term, I invite you to book in a free Connection Call on the Offerings page.

Contact Details

  • New Zealand

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