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Sacred Soul Support Session

A safe, sacred space to drop in to your body, heart & deepest truth to facilitate divine remembrance

  • 1 hour
  • From 77 British pounds
  • GB

What To Expect

This unique, powerful, heart-centred session will support you to uncover and reclaim your soul's highest truth and expression, so that you can live with deeper clarity, peace and purpose. As a Priestess, Yogini & Spiritual Embodiment Guide, I utilise my ability to attune to the subtle, non-physical realms of energy, frequency and vibration to intuitively guide the session based on what is most alive in the present moment. I offer support in the following areas: ✨ Sacred union preparation and support (masculine & feminine alchemy) ✨ Conscious relationships and communication ✨ Kundalini awakening support and integration ✨ Mindfulness, presence & mindset self-mastery ✨ Feminine awakening, healing & embodiment ✨ Empath/HSP energy management and empowerment ✨ Rewilding/authentic expression reclamation ✨ Heart healing and opening ✨ Eternal inner child healing and integration Please note that every session is unique and intuitively guided, but may include: ✨ Spiritual guidance/coaching ✨ Intuitive movement/yoga asana ✨ Dance ✨ Vocal activations ✨ Breathwork ✨ Soul journeying ✨ Conscious self-enquiry ✨ Timeline rewriting ✨ Chakra clearing/healing ✨ Light Language/energy healing I invite you to arrive with a strong, heart-centred intention for what you would like to learn or receive from the session. They are channeled on God's terms, not mine - so although I do my best to honour the session time, they may run over the allocated hour slot. Therefore I recommend allowing a buffer of up to 30 minutes after the scheduled end time so that we can allow the process to unfold organically, intuitively and in a truly heart-centred way. INVESTMENT I now offer 3 investment options; I invite you to choose the option that feels most empowering and vibrationally resonant for you. Before you book, please take a moment to tune in and consider the energy you are investing with. This exchange is an opportunity for you to disengage from fear-based narratives and to begin to make decisions from the expansive frequency of love and not from fear. I encourage you not to bypass the opportunity to start shifting your energy and awareness before the session physically begins. So take a deep breath, commune with your heart and book your sacred session from a place of empowerment. I look forward to journeying with you! PLEASE NOTE: THE BOOKING CALENDAR IS SET TO GMT/UK TIME. PLEASE TAKE YOUR TIMEZONE INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN BOOKING YOUR SLOT.

Contact Details

  • England, UK

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